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white cigarette's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
white cigarette

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[ Sat Sep / 11:03am ]

Hey! lets bring this journal back to life!

I'm Tea, like the kind you drink, and i am in my first week of art college. it's amazing how many super trendy kids there are. i'm almost afraid to be be just me, you know. i've been searching around the thrift stores and picking through urban outfitter's houseware and sale items, but what i really need is a good waterproof tote for my new laptop. it's been overwhelming this past week and among everything else, i'm just trying to stay me and not anyone else, despite the tempatation to just dress like everyone else to make friends. Are any of you guys in situations like that?
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Intro! [ Thu Aug / 2:00am ]


I am as unique and original as the western wind.

I adore reading Kafka, Bukowski, and the poetry of Allen Ginsberg.

I have a vintage typewriter and vintage polaroid camera. I feel like polaroids are the last vestige of the 60s era in this materialistic world.

I have never turned my television set on. Why watch tv when I can watch Breathless and Breakfast at Tiffany's on VHS? [I have always considered DVD players to be the epitome of consumerism. I try to be above that]

Some of my idols include Edie Sedgwick, Jean Seberg, Anna Karina, and Jean Berkin.

I have recently begun listening to Television, who no one I know has ever heard of. They're so innovative and underappreciated.

I want to be inspired by you all. You're all beautiful.
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[ Wed Apr / 4:40pm ]

what are your opinions on hurricane katrina?
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